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Sportsman's Paradise Amateur Radio Club
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Dates and Times:
2024 Schedule:
Jan 11, March 14, May 9, July 11, Sept 12, and Nov 14
All times are 6:30pm
Pre-registration is required and seating is limited. Email us for registration.  We are currently limiting group size at each session, and seats can fill up fast. We can keep you on a list should a seat become available last minute if a session is full, as well as reserve a seat for you on later dates.

There are no fees to take the test with our group, but you will be required to pay the FCC a $35 fee
to have your license activated once you do pass the exam. This $35 fee applies to new hams and is also required to renew your license once every ten years.  If you are looking to upgrade from Tech to General (or Extra), there will not be a fee.  You have 10 days from passing the exam to pay the FCC and activate your license. This fee is payable directly to the FCC. Our Volunteer Examiner team will not collect any money from you on their behalf.  Specific instructions on how to pay the fee are here.

Had an 'uh-oh' in a previous life?
If you have ever been convicted of a felony, please read these instructions. A felony record will not immediately disqualify you from obtaining your amateur radio license, but an extra step is involved in the process.  Click here.

To register, email us the following:
Phone Number
Email address
Call Sign (if you have one)

*If you think you may need special assistance for/during the exam, please, please let us know.

What to bring:
You may also check https://www.laurelvec.com/?pg=faq more detailed list.
  • We are now affiliated with the Laurel Amateur Radio Club VEC program! This means we are no longer required to charge a fee for testing. Test are Free!
  • Your FRN - All new amateur radio license applicants must register with the FCC for an Federal Registration Number before the testing session. You may register for an FRN here (No fee to get this number, only to activate your license once you pass). If you find the process intimidating, see the FCC's video on how to obtain your FRN here. Your Social Security number is no longer accepted at test sessions. However it may be required to obtain your FRN.
  • Pen & pencil
  • Calculator (optional) - please note: the memory will need to be cleared if it is a programmable type!  Cell phone calculators not allowed. Simple calculators are usually available to borrow during sessions (just ask!).
  • Identification:
    • One (1) of these:
      • Driver’s license
      • Passport
      • Other government-issued photo ID
    • OR Two (2) of these:
      • Non-photo ID or driver’s license issued by a government
      • Social Security Card
      • Original or Certified copy of birth certificate
      • Minor’s work permit, school report card, or school ID card.
      • Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person
      • Postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address
  • If you are already licensed, bring the ORIGINAL or a COPY of your License.
  • Your email address. An email address is now required to process applications. By mid 2021, the FCC will require an email address as well for business correspondence. Your email will not be used for spamming.
  • If you are claiming any credit for previous exams, bring the ORIGINAL and a COPY of your CSCE. (This is uncommon. If you have a license, bring that instead). The CSCE is only valid for 365 days once issued.

Testing sessions are held at the Wakulla County Public Library.
  • 4330 Crawfordville Highway (Hwy 319)
  • Library is located about 2 miles South of the Wakulla County Courthouse, or
  • About 3 miles North of Wakulla High School.
  • We are usually holding the test session in the large room on the South end of the building (enter main entrance and go left)

There are numerous ways to prepare for the test - books, videos, flash cards, and online sample testing.  Whatever method you choose for preparation, it is recommended that you 'test yourself' with one of the many online sample test programs to give yourself an idea of your progress.  One such online sample test is found at https://hamexam.org/about. It is free and will keep track of your progress.

Books your preference?
The ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League and Gordon West are two great resources for books to study.

Video your preference?
Check out this ham's you-tube channel!

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